Honors Thesis

The Honors Thesis is the capstone of our Honors Program. This six credit-project is divided into two semesters of work:

  • Honors Thesis Research (3 credits)
  • Honors Thesis Writing (3 credits)

Purpose of the Honors Thesis

  • Provide opportunities to pursue individually tailored areas of study
  • Provide capstone experiences which draw upon your previous studies
  • Provide opportunities to pursue in-depth research and/or carry through substantive projects to appropriate points of closure

Guidelines for Honors Thesis

Honors Thesis Guidelines (PDF)

Expectations of Thesis Students

You'll be expected to:

  • Enroll for Honors Thesis Research (HON4990) study during registration in the spring of junior year, or the first week of the fall semester of senior year with their chosen Faculty Advisors (Special Studies Form (PDF))
  • Meet your faculty advisor on a regular basis (typically weekly or biweekly) during your senior year
  • Select, with the help of your main advisor, a second reader for the project
  • Present a progress report at the end of the Honors Thesis Research semester
  • Enroll for Honors Thesis Writing (HON4991) for the spring semester (Special Studies Form (PDF))
  • Submit abstracts and present at our Undergraduate Research Conference
  • Submit abstracts and present at the Massachusetts Statewide Undergraduate Research Conference
  • Give a final presentation on your work at the end of your Honors Thesis Writing semester
  • Submit a final project to the research committee and the Honors Director

Pedagogically, it is expected that your projects and/or the processes of constructing their projects will:

  • Demonstrate changes/development in your ways of thinking
  • Show originality in project selection/project development
  • Demonstrate skills and knowledge you've gained while enrolled here

Samples of Previous Thesis Abstracts

Browse abstracts of previous thesis projects, organized by topic area: