College Scheduler

Registration just got easier.  

You can access College Scheduler through, login directly or through Web4. For login instructions through Web4, visit the Web4 Self-Service page. Follow the simple steps below to build your ideal schedule and register or watch the following videos:

College Scheduler on computer screen with steps 1, 2, 3 labelled

How to Register

  1. Add Courses and Breaks - For your selected term.
  2. Generate Schedules - All possible conflict free schedules.
  3. 'View' schedule - This will show a more detailed view of each schedule option.
  4. Send to Registration Cart - On the view schedule screen, click “Send to Registration Cart”.
  5. Register - From the Registration Cart, click ”Register” to finalize registration.

Add/Drop - Go to the ”Current Schedule” schedule page to edit and drop classes.

Questions? Contact your advisor. 

College Scheduler on phone screen with step 5 highlighted
College Scheduler on tablet with step 4 register for class highlighted