Academic Integrity Policy

The Academic Integrity Policy is located on pages 11 to 13 of the Code of Conduct and Disciplinary Process Handbook and pages 45 and 46 of the Student Handbook.

To report a violation of the academic integrity policy, please submit an Incident Report Form.

Every member of the University community is expected to maintain the highest standards of academic integrity.

Reporting Academic Integrity Violations


If an instructor decides to make a formal accusation of a violation of the academic integrity policy, the faculty member should provide a letter describing the case for academic dishonesty within fourteen days of discovering the alleged infringement. The faculty member should also forward a copy of the letter to the Office of Student Conduct (Sanders 204) or via email to Below you will find a sample letter you can use.

Not a Faculty Member

If the accuser is not a faculty member, and s/he decides to initiate the formal process, the accuser must submit an incident report and/or relevant information to the Office of Student Conduct (Student Affairs, Sanders Administration Suite 204) or via email to