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Wireless and Network Access

Network/Wireless Access Wireless network service is available in all buildings and many green spaces. For a view of these spaces refer to the Wireless Map (PDF). To connect your Windows system, ensure that your wireless radio is on and click "View Wireless Networks" (either from the wireless icon in the system tray or the control panel, under Network Connections/Wireless Network Connections). To connect your Mac, turn on Wi-Fi in Network Preferences and select the appropriate wireless connection from the drop-down menu.

Select the appropriate network (SSID) based on your relationship to the University:

  • Employee: For university-owned devices — requires employee Falcon Key credentials
  • Adjunct: For faculty/staff personal (e.g. not university-owned) devices — requires registration — requires employee Falcon Key credentials
  • Student: For student devices — requires registration — requires student Falcon Key credentials
  • Public: Internet access only — available in limited areas, see Wireless Map (PDF) for locations — no authentication required

The university does not sanction or support other wireless networks.

Students Connecting to the Campus Network

In addition to campus-wide wireless, every dorm room is equipped with wall outlets containing ports for network connections (one port for every bed in the room). Follow the instructions below to get your computer, gaming device, or cell phone on the campus network:

Keep Your Computer Safe and Secure

Once you're connected, please follow the recommendations on the Self-Help Computing Support page to secure your system. Tip: To beat the back-to-school rush, follow these steps from your home network before you arrive on campus.


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