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Crystal Reports

Much of Fitchburg State University's enterprise data, including information on courses, student status, and faculty and staff is stored in Banner. Reports can be created to retrieve data from Banner and other databases in bulk form, such as lists, spreadsheets, and data feeds to other systems. The University utilizes the enterprise web-based Crystal Reports for its reporting needs.

Report Requests

To request a new report or help re-running an existing report, or to request data, please complete the  Online Report Request Form.

Crystal Reports Licensing

The suite consists of the Crystal Reports version 11 desktop software, as well as the Business Objects web server. There are two types of licenses in use at the university:

  1. The Crystal Reports desktop software license allows you to run the full Crystal application on your PC. If you have been approved to receive a Crystal Reports desktop license, IT staff will install it for you and make sure that your computer also has the software necessary to allow Crystal to talk to the Banner server. The Crystal Reports desktop version is recommended for advanced users who are familiar with where data is stored in the Banner database tables. You should also understand how to define and build reports within Crystal, and where to save reports so that they are backed up (Reports should be saved to a network server... either to your J: drive or to your departmental drive. Never save a report to your computer's C: drive!).
  2. The Crystal Reports Enterprise license allows users to retrieve reports from a website, without the need for the full desktop software. The Crystal Reports/Business Objects website is located at Reports on the website can be refreshed (with parameters) at any time and/or scheduled to email you (or other University personnel) on a regular basis. In order for a report to appear on the website, it must be moved there by one of a handful of developers.

Crystal Developers

The Crystal Reports Developers are a small group of admin-level users who have the ability to move a report to the web. They can also assist with report creation, or answer any questions you may have about Campus Reporting. To contact the developers, please send email to

What can Crystal Reports do for me?

The Crystal Reports desktop software and/or the Business Objects web server can gather data from multiple sources, including Banner, spreadsheets, and other databases. This data can be sorted, filtered, compared, and manipulated in many different ways. Data is most often rendered in native Crystal format, as a file with an extension .RPT, but there are other ways to render report data, such as Excel files, Comma Separated Value (CSV) files and PDFs. Crystal Reports can also create charts and graphs, perform mail merges, create forms, and print mailing labels.

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