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Telephone Service

Telephone ServiceInformation Technology maintains the University's phone system.

Quick Voice Mail Guide

How do I dial by name?

  1. Dial 4000 from your on-campus phone.
    From off-campus dial (978) 665-4000.
  2. Speak the first and last name of the person you want to call.

What is the default security code for setting up my voicemail?

  1. Enter 0000 when prompted.
  2. If the system tells you that the password is incorrect, enter 1234.

How do I get my messages from my on-campus phone?

  1. Dial 3000.
  2. Enter your mailbox number.
  3. Enter your security code.
    Note: If you are in a single unit dorm room, you will only need to enter your security code.

How do I get my messages from off-campus?

  1. Dial (978) 665-3000.
  2. When the message begins, press the * (star) key.
  3. Enter your mailbox number.
  4. Enter your security code.



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