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Network Drive

J Drive

Your J Drive is your personal network storage space. This storage is intended for academic and work-related use only, so please don't store personal or inappropriate material there.

Every night your J Drive is backed up. If you need to recover a file that was accidentally deleted or mistakenly altered, please contact the Help Desk.

Departmental Drives

Faculty/staff have access to shared departmental storage (typically an I Drive, but the letter can vary). Save documents to your I Drive to share them with others in your department.

Accessing Your Network Drives

On Campus

When you're on campus and you log into any university-owned computer—whether it's a lab computer, podium, kiosk or your assigned staff computer—you'll be able to access your J Drive and any departmental shares assigned to you.

Off Campus

When you're off campus or using a personally-owned device, you can access your J Drive and departmental drives securely via the Internet. Visit and log in using your Falcon Key.

If you're missing a drive letter, please contact the Help Desk.


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