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Peer Mentor Program

2018-2019 Peer Mentors

The 1028-2019 peer mentors

  • Khaliyah Foster
  • Katie Hill
  • Casey O'Brien
  • Ellicen Pena

Peer Mentor Profiles:

Portrait of Khaliyah Foster

Khaliyah Foster

Portrait of Katie Hill

Katie Hill

Katie is a Senior here at Fitchburg State University.  She is majoring in Elementary Education with a minor in Math and currently commutes to campus.  During Katie's free time she loves to bake!

Portrait of Casey O'Brien

Casey O'Brien

Casey lives and grew up in Whitman MA. Attended High School at South Shore Vocational Technical High School and studied Graphic Design. She is currently entering her junior year at Fitchburg State University and is studying Game Design. She has been part of EHP since her freshman year. 

Portrait of Ellicen Peña

Ellicen Peña

Ellicen is a senior in business management. He graduated from Northern Essex Community College before attending Fitchburg State University. He loves to play video games and grew up playing sports, his favorites are basketball and football. He volunteered for alternative spring break and went to Marion South Carolina to help build a home! Also, one fun fact about Ellicen is he is a member of Sigma Tau Gamma, a Greek fraternity on campus!

Peer Mentor Program Goals

  • Heighten students' awareness of and exposure to University life
  • Foster positive self-esteem
  • Improve students' overall G.P.A.
  • Increase class attendance
  • Improve the intellectual, cultural, and social well-being of students

Mentor Qualifications

Expanding Horizons' Mentors are students who maintain a 2.5 GPA. Each mentor applies and interviews with the EHP staff before being selected for this position. Each year, EHP mentors begin the start of the academic year, prior to the Pre-semester Orientation Program, with a 2 day training coordinated by the Career & Mentor Program Coordinator. The training includes topics on leadership, mentoring, diversity, program objectives, and communication. Mentors learn new skills and further develop their current ones. Mentors then participate in the Pre-semester Orientation Program so they can assist new students adjusting to University life.

Participant Benefits

  • Increase mentors' awareness of diversity and student development issues through their increased contacts and interpersonal relationships.
  • Provide a climate in which mentors may derive personal satisfaction and pride from their active participation in students' academic and personal success.
  • Establish close working relationship with students and EHP staff.
  • In an effort to promote social/cultural experience for all EHP students, mentors work with EHP's Academic Advisors to plan activities for the Fall and Spring semesters.