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Student Engagement

Well-designed interactions can come in a number of different forms. The key is to have students interested and active in these interactions. The items in this section are a few of the more basic, yet essential tools for communicating with students.

Instructions & Video Tutorials

The attached Student Engagement Guide (MS Word) speaks to these tools followed by video tutorials to create and use them.

Additional Resources for ideas to engage with your online students:

I start out each of my online courses with a simple assignment. I post a short biography of myself. Nothing terribly personal, but information that gives students a more three-dimensional sense of who I am. Lacking the opportunity to get to know me in a face-to-face setting, this gives the students more of a sense of me. I then ask them to post a similar bio of themselves. This is an easy first assignment, gives the student a chance to experience a little success (especially for first time online students) and all of the students in the class, and me, get a chance to get to know one another. It helps also to develop a greater sense of community.
George Bohrer, Graduate Program Chair, Applied Communications
Reach out individually to each student at the beginning of the semester. This doesn't guarantee that all students will, in turn reach out to you when they have a question or need help, but I've found it to be the most "bang for your buck" strategy in terms of facilitating communication. Do some community building at the start of the semester in order to maximize the value of the discussion board assignments as instances of authentic dialogue among students familiar with each other.
Laura Baker, Graduate Program Chair and Associate Professor, History