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AUC Student Affairs Subcommittee

Current Minutes:

2018-2019 Student Affairs Committee Members:

Alberto Cardelle Convening:

Happiness Agbi (Student Representative)
Sam Beauchamp (Secretary) (Student Representative)
Jay Bry (Vice President for Finance and Administration)
Andrew Chan (Business Administration)
Jeffrey Godin (Exercise and Sports Science)
Sean Goodlett (Assistant to the Provost for Student Success)
Jonathan Harvey (Humanities)
Robert Hynes (Director/Assistant Dean for Student Support Services)
Courtney Ingersoll (Student Representative)
Brittany Jefferson (Student Representative)
Jacalyn Kremer (Dean of the Amelia V. Galluci-Cirio Library)
Amy McGlothlin (Humanities)
Henry Parkinson (Chair) (Associate Dean of Student Development)
Donald Tarallo (Communications Media)
Mairead Weagle (Student Representative)
Brianna White (Vice-Chair) (Student Representative)


Committee Meeting Schedule for Student Affairs Sub-Committee
(All meetings will be held from 3:30 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.)

Student Affairs Committee

10-02-18 - Hammond 214 - Canceled
10-18-18 - Science 314
11-06-18 - Hammond 214 - Canceled
12-04-18 - Hammond 214 - Canceled
02-05-19 - Hammond 214 - Canceled
03-05-19 - Hammond 214
04-02-19 - Hammond 214
05-07-19 - Hammond 214