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Portrait of Dr. Alberto J.F. Cardelle

Dr. Alberto J.F. Cardelle
Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs
(978) 665-3295

Portrait of Dr. Catherine Canney

Dr. Catherine Canney
Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs
(978) 665-3653

Portrait of Ms. Pamela McCafferty

Ms. Pamela McCafferty
Assistant Vice President for Institutional Research and Planning
(978) 665-3435

Portrait of Dr. Becky Copper-Glenz

Dr. Becky Copper-Glenz
Dean of Graduate and Continuing Education
(978) 665-3564

Portrait of Dr. Franca Barricelli

Dr. Franca Barricelli
Dean of Arts and Sciences
(978) 665-3627

Portrait of Dr. Keith Williamson

Dr. Keith Williamson
Dean of Business and Technology
(978) 665-3731

Portrait of Dr. Bruno Hicks

Dr. Bruno Hicks
Dean of Education
(978) 665-3530

Portrait of Dr. John Schaumloffel

Dr. John Schaumloffel
Dean of Health and Natural Sciences
(978) 665-4187

Portrait of Ms. Jacalyn Kremer

Ms. Jacalyn Kremer
Dean of the Amelia V. Gallucci-Cirio Library
(978) 665-3833

Portrait of Dr. Sean Goodlett

Dr. Sean Goodlett
Assistant to the Provost for Student Success
(978) 665-3832

Portrait of Ms. Linda Dupell

Ms. Linda Dupell
University Registrar
(978) 665-4342

Portrait of  Ms. Jinawa McNeil Ms. Jinawa McNeil

Director of Admissions
(978) 665-3140

Portrait of Ms. Nelly Wadsworth

Ms. Nelly Wadsworth
Director of International Education
(978) 665-3599


Ms. Melisa Alves
Director of Career Services and Advising Center
(978) 665-3151


Dr. Kat McLellan
Director of Academic Coaching and Tutoring Center
(978) 665-4136

Portrait of Ms. Joanne Rivard

Ms. Joanne Rivard
Staff Assistant to the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs
(978) 665-3421

Portrait of Ms. Deresa Webb

Ms. Deresa Webb
Staff Assistant to the Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs
(978) 665-3168