Course Recording Policy

This class may use video and audio recordings of faculty and students, both online and in person, to better support learning in a blended format. By enrolling in the course, students are consenting to being recorded in this class and may only withdraw such consent by informing the course instructor in writing. As these recordings may contain intellectual property as well as confidential student information (ex. student names, likenesses), sharing or transferring recordings of such content by any method currently available or any method that may become available in the future is not allowed and copies of such recordings should not be provided to others; uploaded, linked, embedded, or otherwise posted  via file-sharing, social media, or other sites or services which could enable anyone to view or hear them who is not currently enrolled in the course; or share them in any other way.  Access to video and audio recordings in this class is for personal educational use only and is available only to individuals currently enrolled in the class, unless faculty permission is expressly granted. Recording and/or sharing course materials including video and audio files without the written consent of the course instructor may not only violate university policies (ex. student code of conduct) but also state and federal laws and will be reported to the Dean of Students for further action and/or discipline.