Visual Identity and Marketplace Guidelines

Presenting a strong visual identity is a critical part of our efforts to promote the University, recruit students, and display a high level of excellence. It is particularly important today, since we produce more materials than ever before, including:

  • Brochures
  • Web and social media pages
  • Posters
  • Advertisements
  • Business cards
  • Stationery
  • Signs
  • Novelty items
  • Clothing
  • Electronic messages

These guidelines were put together to help university departments and organizations communicate more effectively, while also building the University's image. Proper use of our design elements eliminates confusion and presents a sense of coherence in our communications. Poor design, separate visual identities among university departments, and unfocused writing detract from that goal.

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General Visual Identity Guidelines

Marketplace Marketing Guidelines

General Visual Identity Guidelines

These guidelines are aimed primarily at materials intended for off-campus audiences. Print Services, located at the Service Center, is the campus resource for design and production information. Logos are available in several electronic formats on this website. You can email Print Services or call ext. 3394 for more information.


  • Three graphic components—the logo, the seal, and the falcon—are used to express the University's identity. The horizontal university logo is the graphic element most often used in communication. At least one of these elements must be included on any Fitchburg State University produced print or digital collateral. 
  • The university seal is generally reserved for more formal occasions and publications.
  • The Book/"F" symbol should never be used alone unless an explicit exception has been granted by the Marketing Department. (i.e. social media icons).
  • Avoid rotating or changing the proportions of any logo.
  • Borders and embellishments should not be added to the logo or seal.
  • Athletics logos should not be combined with any university logo or seal. For more detailed information on the athletics identity system, please refer to their Visual Identity Manual.
  • The use of other symbols and logos by campus departments and organizations is not allowed, particularly on publications (either print or digital) intended for or may be accessible to external audiences. Departments, programs, university partners and student organizations may request an official departmental logo from University Print Services.


  • The University colors are gold, white, and green. When using color, the logo should be printed in gold and/or green. Yellow is also used for promotional items. Printing ink Pantone colors are 872 Gold, 343 C Green, and 123 C Yellow.
  • For uncoated stock, Pantone 363 U Green and 115 U Yellow should be used.
  • In cases when a lighter green is needed, 347 Green can be used. For details on proper use of the colors in specific contexts, please email Print Services or call 978.665.3394.
  • In order to present a consistent look and feel, administrative websites must make use of the University's template system. The colors used on the University's website logo are (00, 56, 3f) and (e9, af, 2f).


  • The use of a variety of typefaces in a single piece often diminishes the impact. All uppercase and large amounts of bold type should be used sparingly.
  • For written copy, many typefaces are available for use. However, it is recommended that one typeface family be selected for headings and one for body text.
  • The official fonts used for external pieces are Montserrat and Benton Sans. Helvetica is also used on the University's forms.
  • Logo artwork uses Candara and Calibri, which we have limited licenses for.
  • Artwork using the logo font must be arranged through Print Services.
  • Official website fonts include Roboto and Termina. 

Additional Information

  • The University's full, official name, Fitchburg State University, should appear on all communications materials. The less formal usage, for second reference, is Fitchburg State—not FSU (since those initials also refer to Framingham State and other institutions).
  • Stationery with the University logo and address is available. For reasons of consistency and cost, all departments should use official university letterhead, business cards, and envelopes. Personalized stationery will be printed if departmental funds are used.
  • Clear writing and careful proofreading are the most important elements of a successful publication.
  • Sample designs and assistance in implementing them are available from Print Services. In general, simple designs tend to be the most effective. Clip art and borders are often at odds with strong visual presentation.

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Marketplace Marketing Guidelines

Fitchburg State offers an e-commerce portal, Marketplace, to provide many university-based products and services to the broad campus community and the public. Online visitors are encouraged to take advantage of this exciting new electronic mall to buy any of a host of unique items and experiences, including:

  • Tickets to university events
  • Sports camp reservations
  • Practice tests
  • Diploma replacements
  • Seats in adult education classes

How to establish a Marketplace storefront

Campus departments and student organizations interested in establishing a storefront in Marketplace should send their request to The University’s Stores, also known as storefronts, are set up under Store Categories that intuitively allow shoppers to find merchandise and services quickly and easily. For example, the Athletics Store Category hosts multiple stores – including Baseball, Hockey and Lacrosse – where visitors can find just the right sports item or service they need.

On those occasions when no higher level Store Category is required, a department’s Marketplace presence may include only a Store and Product(s). Prior approval for these exceptions must be obtained from the office of Marketing and Integrated Communications.

Requests for web banner photographs to help advertise Store Categories should be made directly to the or submitted through the Marketing and Integrated Communications project request form. Web banner photographs must be 1140x320 pixels (a long horizontal image). A banner image may be one photograph or a collage.

Defaults for Store and Product/Service images

These default images are the University’s several previously established and approved logos, depending on store owner.

Administrative, Academic Affairs, Campus Services, and Volunteer Organizations Stores and Products

Use the University shield on a white background.

The Fitchburg State University shield on a white background

Student Development (including Student Clubs and Organizations) Stores and Products

Use the University shield on a green background.

The Fitchburg State University shield on a green background

Athletics, Recreation, Sports Teams, and Cheerleading only

Use the falcon head for Stores and the Fitchburg State flying “F” for Products.

The Fitchburg State falcon head logo