Board of Trustees

Individual boards of trustees for Massachusetts higher education institutions were established by legislation in 1980.

Trustees: An Overview

In accordance with the laws of the Commonwealth and regulations enacted by the Massachusetts Board of Higher Education, the composition, duties and powers of the State University Board of Trustees are articulated within the University’s bylaws. The board is charged with the fiduciary management of the institution, including determination of fees, establishment of personnel management policy, staff services, and the general business of the institution. Among its responsibilities, the board elects the president with the approval of the Board of Higher Education, adopts an annual plan of financial operation, awards degrees in approved fields, and develops the mission statement for the University consistent with the mission of the Commonwealth’s system of public higher education.

The board of trustees consists of 11 voting members. Nine are appointed by the governor for five-year terms, renewable once; one alumni trustee is elected by the Alumni Association for a five-year term; and a student trustee is elected by the student body for one year. No member may serve for more than two consecutive terms.

The officers consist of a chairman, vice chairman and clerk. They are elected by the trustees following nominations by a committee.

The president of the university serves in a non-voting capacity to the board.

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