Institutional Data

Our office is responsible for the collection, analysis, and dissemination of institutional information.

Institutional Factbook

The Institutional Factbook provides comprehensive information on our university, including data on admissions, enrollment, degrees conferred, retention and graduation rates, faculty and staff, and finances.

Common Data Set

The Common Data Set provides a standard set of data for our university.

In order to ensure a means of useful comparison between various colleges and universities, the Common Data Set requires that each institution measure their data in the same way.

The Common Data Set includes a wide array of information, including data on admissions, enrollment, demographics, retention and graduation rates, costs, financial aid, class size and average loan debt. 

Graduation Rate: The Student Achievement Measure

More of today's students are likely to complete their degrees at institutions other than the one at which they began as freshmen. Student Achievement Measure (SAM), enables universities to track and make a more complete picture of student progress and graduation rates than ever before.

We play an important role in the graduation of students who go on to complete their degrees at other institutions. SAM reflects our role in students’ successful completion of degrees at other colleges and universities.

Campus Climate Survey

The university conducts a Campus Climate Survey every two years in order to assess the following areas: Welcoming Environment, Diverse Relationships and Inclusive Delivery.

Preliminary analysis on student, faculty and staff responses from the most recent administration can be found here, as well as all the information from 2020.

Student Success Data

The institution collects various data in order to measure our effectiveness related to student success, student engagement and student satisfaction. (Note that access to the Student Success Data page requires university credentials.)