Job Reclassifications

The reclassification process is a tool to be utilized by those individuals in AFSCME positions, who feel that their duties and responsibilities are not accurately reflected in their current classification.

Classification is based upon duties, responsibilities, and qualifications. It is not based upon work volume, or quality of work. When an employee feels as though their position has changed in a manner that justifies it being reclassified, he/she may request an audit of their position by completing the Appendix E, Request to Appeal Classification of Position and the Interview Guide (PDF). When completing the form, be sure to be thorough and indicate which position you feel your job best fits into (a list of the State Job Specifications can be found on the Collective Bargaining section of our website). Once it's complete, submit the packet to the Human Resources Office (be sure to keep a copy for yourself).

A desk audit will be conducted within 90 working days of receipt of the request by a Human Resources representative. Information gathered there, as well as information from the Interview Guide, Appendix E, and supervisor are reviewed. A determination will be made within 30 working days of the desk audit. Often, these reviews show that a position is appropriately classified. However, there are times when the reviews will show that the position should be reclassified. Each reclassification request is handled objectively, on a case-by-case basis. Employees should take note that the review process is a review of the position, not the person in it, nor their years of service, quality of work, or quantity of work.

If the requestor does not agree with the determination, he/she may file an appeal with Human Resources within 10 working days of receiving written notification of said determination.


Questions? Get in touch!

Please contact Human Resources with any questions related to the reclassification process.