Basic and Advanced Courses

The Basic Course

The Basic Course refers to the first two years of the four year ROTC program and includes the MS I and MS II Military Science Classes. The Basic Course introduces the cadet to the Army and the Army to the student. Initial instruction is intended to create a working knowledge of ROTC and the Army.

The specific goals of the Basic Course are:

  • Provide the cadet with an overview of Army ROTC and the Army (History, Customs, Regulations, Opportunities)
  • Develop a sense of responsibility toward academics and ROTC
  • Develop self-confidence
  • Develop a sense of belonging
  • Help deserving cadets earn scholarship money
  • Encourage qualified cadets to contract into the Advanced Course
  • Provide the cadet with time management and stress coping skills

The Basic Course is open to all students with no obligation for future military service.

The Advanced Course

Selected students, who meet qualification standards, may enter the Advanced Course. The Advanced Course taught during the third and fourth years, includes such topics as management theory, personal and performance counseling, ethics, professionalism, written and verbal communications, military law, law of war, and study of military tactics. The main objective of the Advanced Course is to develop leaders to be officers in the U.S. Army.

The Advanced Course provides both classroom instruction and hands on learning experiences.

The specific goals of the Advanced Course are:

  • Prepare cadets to successfully complete the Leadership Development and Assessment Course
  • Prepare cadets to lead and train Basic Course cadets
  • Enable cadets to make informed decisions as to component (Active vs. Reserve) and branch (job) in the Army
  • Develop leadership and managerial skills
  • Prepare cadets for success at the Officer Basic Course (upon graduation)

The Advanced Course is open to qualified cadets who have completed the Basic Course (or received credit for the Basic Course). Cadets do incur a military commitment upon entrance into the Advanced Course.

(All Advanced Course Cadets receive a stipend of $450 per month MS III year and $500 a month MS IV year. Amounts subject to change in accordance with Cadet Command.)