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Salvatore Emma '83

My professors taught me all the fundamentals about business, as much as you can from a book. But then they talked how about how to learn, how to work hard. That carried me.

Solving Problems
Salvatore Emma '83
Mallory-Anne Perron '14 is a nurse at Brigham and Womens Hospital

I don’t feel like a hero. I took an oath to take care of people and that’s all that I’m trying to do.

The New Reality
Mallory-Anne Perron '14
Joseph Baeta '92

All of us are being asked to do things differently, so none of us feels alone. I think the way teachers work is going to change.

Total Non-Normal
Joseph Baeta '92
Photo of Muhammad "Moose" Mahmood

Our Black community is in danger. This isn’t breaking news, but it should be breaking hearts.

A Show of Unity
Members of the campus community showed support for Black Lives Matter
Hate Has No Home Here signage on quad

Our goal is to hear voices we don’t always hear. Our students are so smart, and so connected, we want to hear all the solutions they have.

Hearing Voices We Don't Always Hear
Faculty and Librarian-Led Initiatives Combat Racism and Bias
First year seminar teaching

What I’ve tried to do in the program is to help students self-advocate and to help them understand how academic settings work.

Building a Community of Support
An investment in student success strategies is closing achievement gaps
Photo of Manuela Medina Sanchez '21

We want to empower students to be the authors of their own stories. It’s really about rethinking what this center can do to amplify voices that are most silenced in this society.

Giving Voice to the Voiceless
The Center for Diversity and Inclusiveness is being reimagined for changing times
Portrait of Susannah Whipps '12

I know very few people I grew up with who are doing what they thought they would be doing at 16 or 17 years old. I tell young people, ‘Go to a state school, figure out what you really want to do.’ We’re so fortunate in Massachusetts to have the public higher education system we have. We’re a leader in the country.

A Non-Traditional Student
Susannah M. Whipps ’12 cultivates a passion for lifelong learning as a legislator
Photo of alumna Liza McFadden Class of 1983

The same level of detail (in a classroom assignment) goes into writing a bill. You have to think about, ‘How does that line connect to this line, and then to that line.’ It’s the same process.

A Passion for Literacy
For Liza McFadden ‘83, helping kids learn to read is the greatest gift
Sgt Ryan Nardone and Fitchburg State student Christopher Dickey

I jumped at the opportunity to welcome students from Fitchburg State to my department. I’m glad these young adults could put themselves in a police cruiser and see if this is something they want to do full-time.

Every Day is Different
Sgt. Ryan Nardone, Mashpee Police Department