CARE Team (Community Assessment and Risk Evaluation)

The Fitchburg State CARE Team is comprised of professional staff members that meet weekly during the academic year to address the needs of students facing a variety of concerns, whether it be personal, academic, medical, financial, behavioral or other general concerns. With representatives from across the institution, we focus on connecting with students whose behavior has come to the attention of others in some manner, and determine an appropriate course of action that is in the best interest of the student and greater campus community. The CARE Team works in close partnership with the Bias Incident Response Team (B.I.R.T) and the Food and Housing Insecurity Task Force, to connect students with those resources when appropriate.

We rely on our campus constituents to foster this community of care, by sharing pertinent information regarding the student(s) they have concerns about. We encourage faculty, staff, students and other concerned parties, to refer and report information or behaviors that may be classified as:

  • Academic Concerns – Concerns related to a student’s academics
  • General Concerns – Concerns about the behavior and/or welfare of a student based on the appearance of demeanor of a student, or general information that supports cause for concern
  • Dangerous Behavior – Behavior that causes one to fear for one's personal safety, or the safety of others, that does not first require the immediate attention of University Police (see below)
  • Disruptive Behavior – Behavior that interferes or disrupts the educational or co-curricular environment of other students or university operations
  • Distressed Behavior – Behavior or information indicating a student is feeling alarmed, upset or worried
  • Missing Students – Students who have been missing for a period of time

This is not a system to use for emergencies.

In case of an emergency, regardless of time of day, when a student's well-being is in jeopardy, please contact University Police at 978.665.3111.

Complete the Care Team Report online form using detailed examples of behavior that cause your concern, and filling out as much of the form as you are able. This form will be sent directly to the Student Affairs Office and CARE Team. You may be contacted for additional information or clarification if needed. If you are concerned about a student, but do not wish to submit your concern(s) through this form, please contact the Student Affairs Office directly at 978.665.3130.