Leading for Change

Leading for Change is our university-level diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) team that serves as one of the driving forces for moving our institutional strategic plan forward.
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Leading for Change is Fitchburg State's university-level diversity, equity, and inclusion team. The team consists of a core group, and then four active sub-committees working on the following topics:

  • Identity-based data collection and use
  • DEI professional development opportunities
  • Expanding policy audits with a DEI lens across campus
  • Disseminating additional information about the Fall 2022 climate survey (read the Fall 2022 survey results)

Descriptions and leads of the subcommittees can be found below.

We are continuing the identity-based programming fund through which members of our community can apply for support. This funding is a combination of a gift from the Newman Center and funds from the university’s operating budget. Each of these programming months has been allocated $2,500: Black History Month, Disability History Month, Latinx Heritage Month, LGBTQ+ History Month, and Women’s History Month. Interested in applying for funding? Fill out this form.

Other reminders:

  • There is a dedicated email for Leading for Change that is checked regularly. Please feel free to use this email, or contact one of the core group members with ideas, questions, concerns, etc. The email is leadingchange@fitchburgstate.edu. Additional information can be found on our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion web page.

  • The Bias Incident Response Team (BIRT) ensures students, faculty, and staff affected by bias or a bias-related incident have access to appropriate resources and assists the university in its response in situations that may impact the overall campus climate around diversity and inclusion. The team reviews and responds to reported bias-related incidents in an educational and non-confrontational and non-punitive manner.  

Thank you for committing to this important work that is centered in our institutional mission and core values and furthers progress on our strategic plan.

Action Items for 2023-24

(Kat McLellan)

This year is about continuing to put the robust policy audit guide and rubric to action. It is a university priority for all administrative offices to conduct policy audits using a DEI lens. 

(Pam McCafferty)

The collection and use of identity-based data is an important aspect of defining who we are and will be guided by robust and thoughtful policies and procedures. 

(Pam McCafferty)

We will continue to share results from the Fall 2022 Climate Survey.


Identity Based Programming

Use this form to request funding for identity-based programming. This will most likely occur in designated months, but requests for individual programs will also be considered.

If you would like to communicate directly with the Leading for Change Team, you may contact the chair, Pam McCafferty, at pmccafferty@fitchburgstate.edu, or use the email below.