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Determining Eligibility

Your eligibility for financial aid is determined by computing the difference between your family's available resources for higher education and the total cost of attendance at Fitchburg State University. Your family's available resources are determined by an analysis of the information you submitted on the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) or Renewal FAFSA. This analysis considers the following:

  • The income and assets of you and your family
  • The size of your household
  • The number of household members attending a college or university on at least a half-time basis

From this analysis an Expected Family Contribution (EFC) is determined. The EFC is subtracted from the total cost of attendance at Fitchburg State for the academic year. The difference is your eligibility for financial aid.

Cost of Attendance - EFC = Financial Need

Your financial aid award is based on this eligibility, the University's resources and institutional policy. Alternative loans are available to students and parents to help finance all, or part, of your EFC as well as any unmet financial need.

Your cost of attendance or student budget is determined based on your enrollment and place of residence while enrolled at the University. A budget contains the following expenses:

  • Tuition
  • Fees
  • Room
  • Board
  • Estimated costs for books, supplies, transportation, personal expenses and loan fees

Should a change in any of the listed expenses occur, your budget and eligibility for financial aid will be recalculated. Students with dependent children may qualify for additional financial aid to assist with childcare expenses. Depending upon grade level, students majoring in Nursing, Film or Video may also have budgets increased due to additional costs.