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Transfer Nursing Applicants

We are proud to offer one of the leading nursing programs in the country.

Each year, we have 5-10 spots available for students to transfer in as first semester sophomores in the fall.

Due to the very few transfer spaces available in this program, we do not offer admission to students who are already enrolled in a Nursing program (this does not apply to LPN to BSN or RN to BSN applicants).

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Transfer requirements

You must spend a minimum of three years at Fitchburg State, regardless of how many transfer credits you have acquired.

In order to transfer into the first semester of the second year of the four year program, all prospective transfer students need to have completed all of the courses which mirror the courses required of Fitchburg State’s first year Nursing students.

These include:

If applying for the fall:

Writing/English Composition I and II

Anatomy and Physiology I and II

Introduction to Psychology

Introduction to Sociology

Chemistry for the Health Sciences
(Completion of Introduction to Chemistry or Chemistry I will not fulfill this requirement. Contact the Admissions Office for more specific information)

Students enrolled at Massachusetts public community colleges are strongly encouraged to select their courses based upon established transfer course equivalencies.

For a full list, please visit Transfer Equivalencies for Massachusetts Community Colleges.

All applicants should keep in mind the following:

  • The required Chemistry for the Health Sciences course is specific to Fitchburg State's Nursing program.
  • Some of the Massachusetts Community Colleges offer an equivalent course. For a full list please visit Transfer Equivalencies for Massachusetts Community Colleges.
  • Applicants who have not completed these required first-year courses will not be prepared to gain admission to the Nursing program.
  • Completing these courses does not guarantee transfer admission to Nursing at Fitchburg State.
  • While 1.7 (“C-”) grades are generally transferable to the university, grades of at least 2.7 (B-) are required for the courses listed above. Also, due to the competitive nature of gaining admission to the program, realistically, applicants should achieve A/B grades in all required courses.
  • Students who plan to apply to transfer into Nursing at Fitchburg State should realize that the program is full-time and will require a minimum of 3 years to complete.

I am an LPN and would like to get a bachelor's in nursing? Do you have a program for me?

Yes! Check out our very popular LPN-BSN Nursing Bridge program.

Do you offer an online program for RNs so I can get my bachelor's degree in nursing?

Absolutely! To continue your education, consider our online RN-BSN program.

If you have any questions about applying as a transfer student into the Nursing program, please contact the Admissions Office at 978-665-3144 or via email at

MWCC/Fitchburg State Guaranteed Admission Nursing Program

Gain acceptance into Fitchburg State’s BS in Nursing program when you earn your RN at Mount Wachusett Community College. Conditions apply, for more details view the agreement via the MWCC website.

View the agreement documentation