Karen DeAngelis

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Fall 2020



Dr. Karen DeAngelis is an Assistant Professor of Elementary and Special Education. Karen worked as a special education teacher and a k-5 teacher for five years in the Winchester Public Schools. She served seven years as Director of Teacher Education for American University, and four years as Department Chair of Education at Bay Path University in Longmeadow, MA. Dr. DeAngelis served as Graduate Coordinator for Special Education for Bay Path and oversaw the Candidate Assessment of Performance process for the program. She completed her Doctorate from American University in 2004 and her dissertation title was: An Analysis of the Discursive Practices of Alternatively Prepared Beginning Elementary Teachers

Courses Taught

Intro to Special Education (SPED 1001)
Science and Social Studies for Diverse Learners (SPED 3150)
Assessment of Students with Disabilities (SPED 4050)
Read Assessment and Instruction for Diverse Learners (SPED 3250)
Field Experience I - Early Childhood Education (EDUC 3016
Field Experience II - Early Childhood Education (EDUC 3017)
Field Experience I Moderate Disabilities (SPED 3023)
Field Experience II Moderate Disabilities (SPED 3024)
Field Experience I Severe Disabilities (SPED 3031)
Field Experience II Severe Disabilities (SPED 3032)
Teaching Students with Disabilities (SPED 7125)


B.A., University of Massachusetts Amherst
M.S., Simmons College
Ph.D., American University