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Fred Plotkin Workshop

Fred Plotkin holding a plate of spaghetti
Fred Plotkin

Slow Food Journalism

New York Times journalist Fred Plotkin will lead a writing workshop on March 24, 25, and 26 at Fitchburg State University in Percival 211. There are 25 spaces available for interested students. 

Students who participate will write articles under the guidance of Plotkin that focus on the Slow Food movement. Part of this will involve research such as studying the book recommendations detailed below. 

What is Slow Food?

Read more about Slow Food online:
Slow Food International
Slow Food USA
Slow Food logo with red snail

Workshop Schedule

Session 1

-Introductions and discussion of perceptions of what Slow Food means to students.
-Plotkin will give a lecture on his ideas and journalistic work surrounding Slow Food.
-Describe guidelines for articles students will be writing.

Session 2

-Discussion of media and social media and their relationship to one another.
-Overview of interviewing skills and exercises to elicit fresh information.
-Students submit two printed copies of the articles they have been working on.
-Plotkin will write comments and suggest edits which he'll bring to the next meeting.

Session 3

-Each student will read aloud an unmarked copy of their article.
-Group discussion and commentary on each article.
-Final commentary and edits on articles from Plotkin.
-Attend evening screening of a documentary on Slow Food (TBD) followed by a Q&A session with Plotkin.

Required Materials

-Marble notebook (at least 50 pages)
-3 pens
-Slow Food Revolution, by Carlo Petrini in conversation with Gigi Padovani

Cover of "Slow Food Revolution" by Carlo Petrini

Recommended Reading

-Slow Food Nation by Carlo Petrini
-The Pleasures of Slow Food by Corby Kummer