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Thumbnail of mural created by alumni and faculty in downtown Fitchburg

The health of a city is often seen mostly in economic terms, but public art projects can shift the focus to the creative, cultural richness of the community and its role in urban revitalization.

Painting a Brighter Future
Alumni and faculty part of public art project in downtown Fitchburg
Photo of Krismelly Grullon Rojas from the Center for Diversity and Inclusiveness

By studying languages, you can communicate across cultures, and you can understand more. The more you learn, the better.

Citizens of the World
World Languages are a cornerstone of the new general education program
Portrait of student Mohamed Elsayyad Class of 2022

Studying philosophy definitely helped me analyze the different dimensions of a problem. Philosophy is a concept that can be applied to real-life issues. It’s not a book sitting on a shelf collecting dust.

Justice, Truth and Knowledge
Ethical Reasoning is a cornerstone of the new general education program