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Adem Elveren headshot

I have always been interested in social and economic inequalities as someone raised in a poor family in an underdeveloped city in Turkey.

Adem Elveren
Winner of the 2023 Faculty Award for Research and Scholarship
Portrait of Professor Danielle Wigmore

It means being involved in a lot of aspects of the campus, not just things that affect me and my students.

Danielle Wigmore
Winner of the 2023 Faculty Award for Service
Portrait of Professor Daniel Sarefield

Graduate students are excited about history and self-motivated in a way that makes them a pleasure to work with.

Daniel Sarefield
Winner of the 2023 Contributions to the Graduate Program Award
Portrait of Jannette McMenamy of Psychological Science Department

I’m so grateful to the people who listened to me and paid attention to me that I’ve adopted a pay-it-forward approach. I literally would not be here if folks hadn’t taken the time to know me.

Jannette McMenamy
Winner of the 2023 Vincent J. Mara Award for Excellence in Teaching