Convocation award winners announced

April 19, 2024
Photo of Convocation 2024 award winning

Fitchburg State held its Spring Convocation ceremony on Thursday, April 18, where hundreds of thousands of dollars scholarships and academic awards were conferred. See more pictures from the event on the Burg Blog. Detailed descriptions of the awards and their criteria may be found on the Convocation web page.


  • Matthew P. Gill
  • Geybrell G. Liriano
  • Tonia M. Magras
  • Alexia R. Perez-Lucas
  • Nicholas D. Solimine


  • Marissa E. Cloutier
  • Paige M. Demanche
  • Veronica L. Derby
  • Alyssa J. Fields
  • Kathleen A. Kaldis
  • Jyy R. Liang
  • Mary Kate Moreau
  • Hannah Moulton
  • Eileen Nina
  • Katelyn M. Paquette
  • Sophia A. Piper
  • Darci L. Smith
  • Colin J. Sweetland
  • Owen C. Thayer
  • Tyler D. Tramonte
  • Danielle M. Varner
  • Brenna M. Wilkins
  • Thailee C. Zarycki


  • Sabrina A. Bailey
  • Francesco Campione
  • Dana E. Cisowski
  • Ronan P. Cords
  • Geena R. Duval
  • Nathaniel Felix
  • Alyssa J. Fields
  • Emily K. Gelinas
  • Nicholas Green
  • Danielle Hendrix
  • Darcy M. Lally
  • Suzannah R. Lambert
  • Jyy R. Liang
  • Mary Kate Moreau
  • Dakota E. Racine
  • Cooper D. Rogers
  • Allison H. Turner
  • Madison M. Waterson
  • Benjamin T. Wiita
  • Lilly K. Woodger
  • Elliot A. Zopatti 


Criminal Justice Academic Achievement Award 

  • Maeghan C. Alansky
  • Jordyn T. Gagliardi

Human Services Faculty Choice Award 

  • Emily M. Dotson

Eunice J. Matson Scholarship 

  • Brianna N. Taft

Human Services Students' Choice Award 

  • William D. Coleman
  • Kristi L. Patano


Outstanding Senior in Biology

  • Thailee C. Zarycki

Outstanding Senior in Chemistry

  • Thomas Adler-Mandile

Outstanding Public Service Award

  • Cynthia V. Laurore
  • Aiden T. Luckey

Edward and Mildred Lozowski Scholarship

  • Laura E. Garcia

Helen and Robert Russell: Women in Science Scholarship

  • Madison I. Ambrogi


Outstanding Senior in Accounting Award

  • Chassity P. Boo

Outstanding Senior in Management Award

  • Emma Beqiri

Outstanding Senior in Marketing Award

  • Matthew Radder

Outstanding Senior in Entrepreneurship Award

  • Kailey I. Norton

Scott and Sarah Foster Entrepreneurial Studies Scholarship

  • Alison L. Houde 
  • Max O. Parvey 


Applied Communications Graduate Student of the Year

  • Fouad G. Nasr

Elaine T. Coyne Women in Film Memorial Scholarship

  • Marissa E. Cloutier

Film Student of the Year

  • Alyssa J. Fields

Game Design Student of the Year

  • Kennedy T. Gough

Graphic Design Student of the Year

  • Emmeline R. Sharpe

Jacqui LaCoy Documentary Award

  • Kaitlyn M. Mobilia

Jacqui LaCoy Scholarship

  • Allison N. Thompson

Louis O. Lorenzen Visual & Performing Arts Award

  • Yer Yang

Photography Student of the Year

  • Jackson E. Texeira

Professional Communications Student of the Year

  • Helen A. McGonigle

Robert M. Wilson Memorial Scholarship

  • Allison N. Thompson

Robert M. Wilson Memorial Scholarship at FATV

  • Skye A. Goba

Theater Student of the Year

  • Christopher S. Brennan
  • Marco A. Grogan
  • Gabriel F. Mangrum

Video Student of the Year

  • Rebecca L. Biederman


Outstanding Senior in Computer Information Systems

  • Joseph M. Noe

Outstanding Senior in Computer Science

  • Tommy U. Noudaranouvong

Robert F. McGuire Memorial Scholarship

  • Samantha Chandler
  • Colin J. Sweetland 


Outstanding Student in Environmental and Earth Science

  • Mary Kate Moreau

Outstanding Student in Public Health

  • Milardie Milard

Stephen W. Clair Memorial Scholarship

  • Isabel E. Lemek


Alex Donkor Award for Excellence in Economics

  • Nicholas J. Vautour

Award for Excellence in International Studies

  • Sean M. Krieger

Christina F. Kelley Award for Excellence in the Field of Women's Studies

  • Kathleen A. Kaldis

Outstanding Senior in History / Secondary Education

  • Odalys Santos

Outstanding Student in Political Science

  • Allison H. Turner

Roger F. Holmes Award for Excellence in History

  • Michael J. Lola


Carla Borg Scholarship

  • Caitlin E. Martinage

Dr. Anne May ’52 Memorial Award

  • Jacob D. Roberts

Dr. William J. Goldman Award in Special Education

  • Paige M. Demanche

Early Childhood Education Scholarship

  • Sydney T. Sartell

Education Department Service Award

  • Sophia A. Piper

Helen T. O'Flaherty Scholarship

  • Licette G. Teixeira

Katherine "Kay" Flynn ’57 Special Education Scholarship

  • Cailin C. Butler
  • Amber R. Camp
  • Melanie J. Cormier
  • Jennifer R. Jezierski
  • Anna M. Warry 

Matthew C. Dimacale Memorial Scholarship

  • Bri-Elle A. Gates
  • Maggie Pomeroy

Outstanding Senior in Early Childhood Education

  • Katelyn M. Paquette

Outstanding Senior in Elementary Education

  • Hannah P. Perron

Outstanding Senior in Education Studies

  • Jacqueline F. Macamaux

Outstanding Senior in Early Education and Care

  • Elizabeth A. Morgan

Owens-Mara Award

  • Natalie G. Garcia
  • Chemlah M. MacNeil
  • Kiara Y. Pedraza

Patricia (Barbaresi) James ’58 Scholarship

  • Allison N. Hamel
  • Shania Rodriguez Acevedo

Roberta (Fitzmaurice) Connors ’63 Scholarship

  • Emily G. Hallsworth
  • Karlsen D. Halstead
  • Shianne U. Harewood
  • Caileen C. Hurley
  • Shania Rodriguez Acevedo

The Beauty Nichols Reading Partner Therapy Dog and Saxifrage Education Award

  • Alisha S. Despres

Special Education Scholarship

  • Emily B. Dwyer


Arthur E. Purrington Award

  • Poliana Kristani

Carl T. Witherell ’32 Scholarship

  • Eridon Mehmeti

Francis ’60 and Lucia Marcille ’58 Memorial Award

  • Marckenson Charles
  • Caroline De Andrade Maciel
  • Poliana Kristani
  • Jamesohn C. LaValley
  • Eridon Mehmeti

George B. James ’57, ’60 Memorial Scholarship

  • Sean E. Butler
  • Marckenson Charles
  • Christopher J. Mongiat

John L. Powers Memorial Scholarship

  • Cameron A. Mcpherson 

Walter F. Harrod ’40 Scholarship

  • Ginneta F. Abaidoo
  • Kelly A. Bottini
  • Laila A. Hamilton
  • Mark P. Izbicki
  • Eridon Mehmeti 


Colin E. Bourn ’63 English Scholarship

  • Sydney A. Bane

Dr. Nancy R. Kelly ’80 Memorial Award

  • Kosmo J. Symock

English Studies Department Scholarship

  • Julia Grace Ducharme

Leo J. Hines Memorial Scholarship

  • Alex Markley

Louis P. Shepherd Scholarship

  • Peter W. Elliott
  • Anne C. Skamarycz
  • Ashley A. Snow

Patricia A. Hess ’94 Scholarship

  • Caitlin E. Moriarty

Robert E. Cormier Scholarship

  • Joenys I. Carrasquillo


Academic Achievement in Exercise and Sports Science Award

  • Tyler T. Martin
  • Abbey R. Quirbach

Leadership in Exercise and Sports Science Award

  • Matthew D. Aguirre


Outstanding Day Student in the Interdisciplinary Major

  • Danielle Hendrix

Outstanding Evening Student in the Interdisciplinary Major

  • Jennifer Welsh

Outstanding Senior in the Music Minor

  • Emily L. Sandberg

Outstanding Student in the Art Minor

  • Jyy R. Liang

Outstanding Student in the Deaf Studies Minor

  • Macey J. Bridge 

Outstanding Student in Italian Studies

  • Kadriana A. Colon

Outstanding Student in the Philosophy Minor

  • Molly E. Jacob

Outstanding Student in the Spanish Minor

  • Isabella A. Sousa


Dr. Mark A. Snyder Memorial Scholarship

  • Teddy N. Kingori

Mathematics Department Scholarship Award

  • Quintin S. Lemek

Outstanding Mathematics Minor of the Year Award

  • Duc Tran

Outstanding Mathematics Student of the Year Award

  • Cooper D. Rogers


Carol Picard Leadership and Civic Engagement Award

  • Macey J. Bridge

Eleanor Voorhies Award

  • Suzannah R. Lambert

Frances Champlin ’87 Memorial Scholarship for Nursing

  • Natalia E. Lamoureux

Elizabeth Fisk – Grace Gummo Award

  • Kristen R. Platek

Grace Gummo Scholarship 

  • Natalia E. Lamoureux
  • Alexandria M. Martocci
  • Kaylee E. Meadows

Jean Kressy Nursing Scholarship

  • Caroline C. Hamel
  • Diavian D. White 

Katherine Sehl Award

  • Madison M. Waterson 

Patricia (Barbaresi) James ’58 Scholarship

  • Lauren L. Serratore

Student Nursing Association Award

  • Christopher J. Bjornson
  • Brianna M. Hall
  • Molly M. Loverin 

The Kay O'Connor and Carol Picard Scholarship Established by Epsilon Beta Chapter, Sigma Theta Tau

  • Ava E. Hannon

The Madden-Wallen Forensic Award

  • Kelli Bane


Beverly Roder & Mabel "Gin" Sgan Award in Psychology

  • Veronica L. Derby


Outstanding Creative Writing Piece

  • Matilda Goad

Outstanding Oral Presentations

  • Brady Elliot, first place
  • Madison Ambrogi, second place
  • Asa Oywech, third place

Outstanding Poster Presentations

  • Thomas Adler Mandile, first place
  • William Ghio, second place
  • Mary Kate Moreau, third place

Outstanding Visual Arts/Film Award

  • Elliot Zopatti


Frederick Douglass Citizenship Award

  • William D. Coleman 


Albert P. Russo ’52 Memorial Scholarship

  • Rachel K. Magliozzi

Charles D. Maner Memorial Scholarship

  • Glenda I. Franco

Class of 1963 Endowed Scholarship

  • Amber R. Camp
  • Melanie J. Cormier
  • Vanessa Thilakoun

Dean Rachupka ’93 Memorial Scholarship

  • Alyssa R. St. Cyr
  • Alyssa C. Tata

Donald ’72, ’79 & Karen Irving ’90 "Pay It Forward" Scholarship

  • Thomas Adler-Mandile
  • Antoinette A. Enyim
  • Zachariah L. Foster 
  • Melina L. Franjul
  • Joseph J. Gilbert
  • Laila A. Hamilton
  • Grace C. Lowe
  • Abigail R. Mathieu
  • Adria R. McKenzie
  • Cameron A. Mcpherson
  • Adam E. Quinlan
  • Kevin M. Veguilla

Esoteric Society Scholarship

  • Brianna P. Hodgman
  • Kaissy O. Kwakye

Fenwick Society Scholarship

  • Juliana M. Davis
  • Jameson M. Dillon 
  • Sera N. Gagnon

Garrett Conrad Scholarship

  • Emily J. Hanson

Kathleen & Frederick Brissette Memorial Scholarship

  • Lauren J. Keough
  • Nicholas A. Paolo

Kathleen Mary O'Neil Scholarship

  • Julia A. Arena
  • Shannon P. Cowan
  • Autumn D. Garceau
  • Cathryn B. Hynes
  • Nia R. Manderson-Matheson

NYPRO / Jabil Scholarship

  • Ryan D. Darling
  • Gregory J. Jimenez
  • Grace Hope K. Kentsa 
  • Kaitlyn Soompholphakdy
  • Thea Wysocki

Philip J. ’57 & Anne C. Tardanico ’77, ’86 Scholarship

  • Maddy J. Dawkins
  • Jamesohn C. Lavalley

Sterilite Scholars

  • Jarrod D. Bowser
  • Maxine C. Carbone
  • Alex J. Ciampa
  • Emma A. Daponte
  • Melissa F. Guillaume
  • Ava E. Hannon
  • Lily A. Hay
  • Erica Henry
  • Adriana T. Kruger
  • Diana H. Marquez Frias 
  • Robert B. Ovalle
  • Nolan W. Sargent

Leary Family Scholarship

  • Ryann L. McCullough Nezuch

Vittorioso-Gallagher Family Scholarship

  • Zachary A. Whitcomb


Kevin L. Mumper Memorial Scholarship

  • Emily C. Maestri

Student Government Association Scholarship

  • Lucas F. Boudreau
  • Zachary T. Carlson
  • Kiley E. D'Angelo
  • Olivia M. DeLuco
  • Dominic J. Freeman
  • Colby Hairston
  • Mallory K. Judkins
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