Strategic Planning Steering Committee (SPSC)


Guide and oversee a process that broadly and effectively engages the Fitchburg State community in developing the University’s next strategic plan; prepare and vet the strategic plan draft and submit it for review and approval by the President, who in turn will present a final draft to the Board of Trustees for approval and submission to the Board of Higher Education.


  • Pamela McCafferty (ex-officio) — Provost’s Office
  • Linda Campanella — Planning Consultant (SOS Consulting Group LLC)
  • Franca Barricelli — Arts & Sciences
  • Deborah Benes — Nursing
  • Eric Boughton — Information Technology
  • Eddie Brown — Criminal Justice student
  • Eric Budd — Economics, History and Political Science
  • Robert Carr — Communications Media
  • Jackie Kremer — Library
  • Kinga Laska-Bostock — MBA student
  • Gretchen Mayhew — Admissions
  • Deborah Phillips — Board of Trustees
  • Sean Goodlett — Student Success
  • ​Denise Sargent — Education
  • Paul Weizer — Economics, History and Political Science

Role and Responsibilities

  • The committee’s primary role is to ensure all parts/members of the Fitchburg State community are given multiple and appropriate opportunities to engage in the process – by having their opinions sought, their voices heard, their feedback invited, their buy-in encouraged.

  • The committee’s role is advisory; it is not a decision-making body. Its recommendations and drafts will be vetted with Fitchburg State leadership and, whenever appropriate and feasible, with the wider Fitchburg State community. Charged and empowered by the president, the committee typically guides and facilitates the process of developing a strategic plan that reflects the wider Fitchburg State community’s input; but the committee does not approve the final plan, nor does it determine University priorities and plan-supporting resource allocations. Decision-making authority remains vested where it currently resides – in the executive team and governance system.

  • The committee will connect with, build from, leverage, and integrate work done in the five ad hoc committees established to explore the five broad strategic planning themes were identified last spring as well as work being undertaken under the auspices of currently ongoing “local” planning efforts on campus.

  • The committee’s work will include: deciding how most effectively to reach out to members of the Fitchburg State community, engaging them meaningfully, asking questions, collecting input, analyzing and interpreting input, finding points of commonality/agreement across stakeholder groups, keeping the Fitchburg State community updated, generating what will be viewed as a shared vision and associated goals (reflective of and faithful to the input that has been provided from multiple stakeholders), vetting ideas and drafts, building consensus and buy-in, and developing recommendations for leadership.

  • The Committee will oversee and coordinate the work being done in five strategic planning theme task forces and ultimately will integrate the deliverables from those groups into a comprehensive university-wide strategic plan.

Meeting Schedule


To reach the Strategic Planning Steering Committee at any time you may send email to