Randall Grometstein

Behavioral Sciences School of Arts and Sciences
Randall Grometstein, PhD, Criminal Justice, Behavioral Sciences

Courses Taught

Introduction to Criminal Justice (CJ 1000)
Women in Criminal Justice (CJ 2450)
Correctional Theory and Practice (CJ 2650)
Ethics in Criminal Justice (CJ 2651)
Domestic Terrorism and Hate Crime (CJ 3000)
Gangs and Organized Crime (CJ 3100)
Community Corrections (CJ 3300)
Colloquium (CJ 4100)
Prime Time Crime (online)Criminology (SOC 2750)
Law and Society (SOC 3500)


Ph.D., Northeastern University (Law, Policy and Society)
M.S., Northeastern University (Criminal Justice)
J.D., Boston University School of Law
B.A., Swarthmore College

Wrongful conviction
Social construction theory
Courts and prosecutors
Criminological theory

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ASC - American Society of Criminology
SSSP - Society for the Study of Social Problems
ACJS - Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences (Chair, Law and Public Policy Section)