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Courses Taught

Health & Fitness (EXSS 1000)
Intro to Exercise Science (EXSS 1011)
Intro to Sports Medicine (EXSS 2023)
Human Motor Development (EXSS 2500)
Psychology of Sport and Exercise (EXSS 2660)
Applied Nutrition (EXSS 3000)
Biomechanics & Motor Control of Human Movement (4500)
Professional and Career Development (EXSS 4200)
Internship (EXSS 4950)


Ph.D., University of Pittsburgh (Rehabilitation Science: Sports Medicine & Nutrition), 2014
M.A., University of North Carolina (Physical Education, Exercise and Sport Science), 1995
B.S., University of New Hampshire (Physical Education: Athletic Training), 1993

  • Core stability, neuromuscular control, and proprioception as it relates to injury of the extremities and athletic performance
  • Injury prevention and performance optimization in military personnel and athletes
  •  Lovalekar M, Keenan KA, Beals K, Nindl BC, Pihoker AA, Coleman LC, Allison KF. Incidence and pattern of musculoskeletal injuries among women and men during Marine Corps training in sex-integrated units. Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise. 2020; 23 (10): 932-936.
  • Allison KF, Keenan KA, Lovalekar M, Mi Q, Beals K, Coleman LC, Nindl BC. Fight load index and body composition are most associated with combat fitness in female Marines. Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport. (2019); 22 (4): 494-499.
  • Eagle SR, Keenan KA, Connaboy C, Nindl BC. Bilateral knee strength asymmetries are associated with musculoskeletal injuries in military Special Forces Operators. Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research. 2019; 33 (1): 89-94.
  • Lovalekar M, Johnson CD, Eagle S, Wohleber MF, Keenan KA, Beals K, Nindl BC, Connaboy C. (2018) Epidemiology of musculoskeletal injuries among US Air Force Special Tactics Operators: An economic cost perspective. MBJ Open Sport & Exercise Medicine4:e000471. doi: 10.1136/bmjsem-2018-000471
  • Johnson CD, Whitehead PN, Pletcher ER, Faherty MS, Lovalekar MT, Eagle SR, Keenan KA. The relationship between core strength and activation and performance on three functional movement screens. Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research. 2018; 32 (4): 1166-1173.
  •  Keenan KA, Wobleber MF, Perlsweig KA, Baldwin TM, Caviston M, Lovalekar M, Connaboy C, Nindl BC, Beals K. Association of prospective lower extremity musculoskeletal injury and musculoskeletal, balance, and physiological characteristics in Special Operations Forces. Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport. 2017; 20 (Suppl4): S34-S39.
  • Lovalekar M, Perlsweig KA, Keenan KA, Baldwin TM, Caviston M, McCarthy AE, Parr JJ, Nindl BC, Beals K. Epidemiology of musculoskeletal injuries sustained by Naval Special Forces Operators and students. Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport. 2017; 20 (Suppl4): S51-S56.
  • Allison KF, Keenan KA, Wohleber MF, Perlsweig KA, Pletcher ER, Lovalekar M, Beals K, Coleman LC, Nindl BC. Greater ankle strength, anaerobic and aerobic capacity, and agility predict Ground Combat Military Occupational School graduation in female Marines. Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport. 2017; 20 (Suppl4): S85-S90.
  •  Lovalekar M, Keenan KA, Chang Y, Wirt MD, Nindl BC, Beals K, Nagai T. Using the capture-recapture method to estimate the incidence of musculoskeletal injuries among U.S. Army soldiers. Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport. 2017; 20 (Suppl4): S23-S27.
  • Keenan KA, Akins JS, Varnell M, Abt J, Lovalekar M, Lephart S, Sell TC. Kinesiology tape does not alter shoulder strength, shoulder proprioception, or scapular kinematics in healthy, physically active subjects and subjects with Subacromial  Impingement Syndrome. Physical Therapy in Sport.2017; 24: 60-66.
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