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J.J. Sylvia IV
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Professor JJ Sylvia is on sabbatical for the Spring 2024 semester. If you need assistance in their absence, please reach out to Karen Valeri at kvaleri@fitchburgstate.edu (978.665.3260) or come to the Communications Media office in Conlon Hall, CNIC 237.


Courses Taught

Introduction to Communication and Media Studies (COMM 1105)
Data & Society (COMM 4007)
Rhetoric in Greece (COMM 4008)
Human Communication (COMM 4200)
Seminar in Communication Theory (COMM 4205)
Media & Society (COMM 4206)
Communications Law and Ethics (COMM 4230)
Media Criticism (COMM 4240)
Critical Making (COMM 4300)
Creative Coding (COMM 4400)
Communication Ethics (COMM 7005)
Quantitative Research Methods (COMM 9024)
Data and Analytics (COMM 9025)
Capstone for Social Media (COMM 9970)
Game Studies Seminar (GAME 4000)
Current Events & Service Learning (HON 1020)


Ph.D., North Carolina State University (Communication, Rhetoric, and Digital Media)
M.A., The University of Southern Mississippi (Philosophy)
B.A., Mississippi State University (Communication, Philosophy)

Dr. Sylvia is currently researching and writing a forthcoming book titled, LiveJournal and Russian Disinformation: The Liminal Legacy of a Blogging Platform. This work delves into the history of LiveJournal, focusing on its declining popularity in the U.S. and its increasing prominence as a disinformation outlet in Russia.

In addition to the book, Dr. Sylvia is co-editing two special issues in academic journals this year. The first explores "Professional and Pedagogical Approaches to Generative AI" and is slated for publication in the Journal of Technical Writing and Communication. The second special issue centers on "Posthuman Media Studies" and will appear in The Journal of Posthumanism.

Dr. Sylvia is also actively involved in on-campus research initiatives. One such collaboration with faculty members and graduate students examines the ways in which people accessed and evaluated the credibility of news during the COVID-19 pandemic. Another project investigates the effectiveness of virtual reality technology in fostering empathy and awareness towards racial microaggressions.

Lastly, he's putting the finishing touches on two Open Education Resource textbooks, The Data Renaissance: Analyzing the Disciplinary Impacts of Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, and Beyond and Introduction to Communication and Media Studies.

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Eastern Communication Association (ECA) Member
Society of Philosophers in America (SOPHIA)
Society for the Philosophy of Information (SPI) 

National Philosophical Counseling Association (NPCA)