Eric Williams

Biology and Chemistry School of Health and Natural Sciences
Eric Williams, Ph.D., Biology and Chemistry
978.665.3763 Office: Antonucci Science Complex 235
Office Hours
Fall 2024


Courses Taught

Anatomy and Physiology I (Lecture and Laboratory) (BIOL 1200)
General Biology (Laboratory) (BIOL 1800)
Neuroscience (BIOL 2650)
Developmental Biology (BIOL 3550)
Cancer Genomics (BIOL 4009)


  • Ph.D., Cornell University (Neurobiology & Behavior)
  • B.A., Cornell University (Genetics & Developmental Biology)

I study a rare form of human muscular dystrophy called dysferlinopathy. This disease is caused by mutations in the dysferlin gene and results in the loss of membrane repair in human skeletal muscle. We use the C. elegans worm to model the disease. These worms have a conserved homologous gene, which is also called dysferlin. Mutations in C. elegans dysferlin results in membrane fusion defects in developing sperm, ultimately causing sterility. The aim of my research is to rescue the sterility of these worms and then apply that knowledge to the human disease, with the ultimate goal of identifying a way to treat this rare form of muscular dystrophy.