Christopher Picone

Biology and Chemistry School of Health and Natural Sciences
Chris Picone
978.665.3079 Office: Antonucci Science Complex 336
Office Hours
FALL 2023

Tuesdays 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM
Fridays 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM

Courses Taught

Environmental Science (with lab) (BIOL 1010)
General Biology II (with lab) (BIOL 1900)
Ecology (with lab) (BIOL 2300)
Conservation Biology (BIOL 3100)
Physical Science of Environmental change (content institute for teachers)


  • Ph.D., University Of Michigan (Ecology), 1999. Thesis: Comparative ecology of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi in lowland tropical forest and pasture
  • B.A., College of the Holy Cross (Biology summa cum laude), 1990
  • Biodiversity conservation via gardens and small farms
  • Effects of plowing (tillage) on mycorrhizal fungi
  • Impacts of aquatic herbicides on frog communities
  • Assessing and changing ecological misconceptions in the classroom
  • Picone, C.  2015. Effects of aquatic herbicides and housing density on abundance of pond-breeding frogs.  Northeastern Naturalist 22: 26-39.
  • Picone, C., J. Rhode, L. Hyatt, and T. Parshall. 2007.  Assessing gains in undergraduate students' abilities to analyze graphical data.  Teaching Issues and Experiments in Ecology, Vol. 5. 
  • Cox, T.S., C. Picone, and W. Jackson.  2004.  Research priorities in natural systems agriculture. Journal of Crop Improvement 12 (1/2): 511- 532.
  • Picone, C.  2003.  Managing mycorrhizas for a sustainable agriculture in the tropics.  Pp. 93-130 in Advances in Agroecology – Tropical agroecosystems.  John Vandermeer, Ed.  CRC Press.
  • Ecological Society of America (ESA sections on agro-ecology, ecological education, and ecological justice)
  • New World Agriculture and Ecology Group (NWAEG)