Douglas and Isabelle Crocker Center for Civic Engagement

Three student members of the Crocker Center

Since its establishment in 2008, the Douglas and Isabelle Crocker Center for Civic Engagement has aimed to “help local organizations thrive and develop competencies in best practices, empower people to build a better community, and maximize collaboration between Fitchburg State University and the community.”

In September of 2015, the efforts of the Crocker Center were expanded to include additional activities focused on investing in our community and establishing meaningful partnerships between the University and local citizens and organizations. Such efforts include engaging students through civic-learning and community-based research and internships.

The importance of maximizing students’ participation in these high-impact learning opportunities is a strong theme embedded throughout the University’s Strategic Plan 2015-2020.


Create a vibrant University-Fitchburg community wherein students, residents, and entrepreneurs live, work, seek an education, engage in recreation and leisure, and invest back into their community.


Heighten social capital and community cohesion by enriching the lives of neighborhood residents, local entrepreneurs, university students, and greater Fitchburg through evidence-based high-impact educational practices and community and economic development.


Community Investments

Affirm, enhance, and maintain a partnership and collaboration between the University and its surrounding neighborhood residents, business owners, faith-based leaders, other community organizations and leaders, public officials, students and educators, for the greater purpose of community and economic development and neighborhood revitalization.

University Investments

Increase student learning and success by engaging students in high-impact educational practices and learning opportunities through community-based internships, research, and civic learning projects.

Portrait of David P. Weiss

David P. Weiss, Ph.D.

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