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Faculty Directory » Wendy Keyser

English Studies

Office Hours:

Semester: Fall 2020
Please email Dr. Keyser to schedule an appointment.

Office Information:

Room Number: Miller Hall 212
Phone: 978.665.3983
Email: wkeyser@fitchburgstate.edu

Courses Taught:

Writing I and II (ENGL 1100, ENGL 1200)
World Literature (ENGL 2400, ENGL 2500)
Mythology (ENGL 2620)
Introduction to Secondary Education (ENGL 2860)
Literature for Young Adults (ENGL 2910)
Practicum Seminar (ENGL 4012)
Teaching Reading and Writing across the Content Area (ENGL 4700)
Curriculum Design and Development (ENGL 8260)
English Studies Practicum
Special Methods in Teaching English


Ed.D., University of Massachusetts Amherst (Education)
M.A., University of Massachusetts Amherst (Special Education)
B.A., Carleton College (English)

Research Interests:

Dialogic discussions about literature in high school classrooms
Critical thinking practices

Current Projects:

I am working on a piece representing part of a case study of literary discussions in a high school English class, specifically focusing on the importance of facilitating dialogic discussions in lower-level classrooms. The title is: Choices about Structure and Openness: Creating a Dialogic Shift in a Lower-Level English Course.

Representative Publications:

Keyser, W. (2015). "Critiquing what is and imagining what can be: Literary studies and diverse identities." Language Arts Journal of Michigan, 30(2), pp. 44-52. https://doi.org/10.9707/2168-149X.2071

Professional Affiliations:

NCTA - National Council of Teachers of English
AERA - American Educational Research Association
ARF - American Reading Foundation