Ricky J. Sethi, Ph.D., Computer Science | Fitchburg State University
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Faculty Directory » Ricky J. Sethi

Computer Science

Office Hours:

Semester: Fall 2020
By appointment - please email Dr. Sethi.

Office Information:

Room Number: Edgerly Hall 312E
Phone: 978.665.3703
Email: rsethi@fitchburgstate.edu
Website: http://research.sethi.org/ricky/

Courses Taught:

Data Science and Database Systems (CSC 2400)


Ph.D., University of California, Riverside (Computer Science (Artificial Intelligence))
M.S., University of Southern California (Physics/Business (Information Systems))
B.A., University of California, Berkeley (Molecular and Cellular Biology (Neurobiology))

Research Interests:

My research uses fundamental ideas from machine learning and computational science to study crowds in video and online communities. I develop theoretical and applied models and algorithms to examine problems in:

Computer Vision: physics-based methods for group analysis in video
Data Science: bioinformatics and semantic workflows for multimedia analysis
Social Computing: virtual communities and science learning group collaboration

Current Projects:

Computer Vison

Multimedia Integration via Data-Driven Hamiltonian Monte Carlo (DDHMC)
Group Detection and Analysis in Video
Human Action Image/Hamiltonian Energy Signatures for Video Activity Recognition

Social Computing for Science Learning

Collaborative Argumentation
Threaded Discussion Metrics and Analysis
Question & Answer Online Communities

Data Science

Multimedia Analysis for Human Trafficking Detection
Machine Learning Methods for Data Analysis using Semantic Workflows
Reproducibility via Semantic Workflows