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Office Hours:

Semester: Fall 2020
Mondays: 4pm-5pm Google Meet:
Wednesdays: 1pm-2pm (Edgerly 301E)
Thursdays: 10:30-11:30am Google Meet:
and by appointment.

Office Information:

Room Number: Edgerly Hall 301E
Phone: 978.665.4857

Courses Taught:

Finite Mathematics (MATH 1200)
Precalculus (MATH 1300)
Informal Math Modeling (MATH 1600)
Technical Calculus (MATH 2100)
Calculus I (MATH 2300)
Calculus II (MATH 2400)
Methods of Applied Mathematics (MATH 3500)
Ordinary Differential Equations (MATH 3550)
Math Seminar (MATH 3900)
Operations Research (MATH 4400)
Mathematical Modeling (MATH 4450)
Numerical Analysis (MATH 4500)


Ph.D., University of Colorado Boulder, 1998

Research Interests:

Image Processing
Fluid Mechanics
Dynamical Systems
Numerical Analysis
Partial Differential Equations
Mathematical Pedagogy

Representative Publications:

Kassoy, D.R. & Staab, P.L. (2002). "Three-Dimensional Flow in a Cylinder with Sidewall Mass Addition." Physics of Fluids, 14(9), p. 3141. doi: 10.1063/1.1492283

Kassoy, D.R. & Staab, P.L. (1997). "Three-Dimensional, Unsteady Acoustic-Shear Flow Dynamics in a Cylinder with Sidewall Mass Addition." Physics of Fluids, 9(2), p. 3753. doi: 10.1063/1.869513

Kassoy, D.R.  et al. (2002). "Acoustic-Rotational Internal Flow Caused by Transient Sidewall Mass Addition." SIAM Journal of Applied Mathematics, 65(2), pp. 587-617. doi: 10.1137/S0036139903421560

Kassoy, D.R. et al. (2000). "Acoustically Generated Vorticity in an Internal Flow." Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 413, pp. 247-285. doi: 10.1017/S0022112000008454

Kassoy, D.R. et al. (1999). "Coexisting acoustic-rotational flow in a cylinder with axisymmetric sidewall mass addition." Physics of Fluids, 11, p. 2935. doi: 10.1063/1.870152

Leonard, E.M. et al. (2005). "Flow Kinematics of Spruce Creek Rock Glacier, Colorado." Journal of Glaciology, 51(173), pp. 259-268. doi: 10.3189/172756505781829403

Professional Affiliations:

MAA - Mathematical Association of America
AMS - American Mathematics Society