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Faculty Directory » Lilian Bobea

Behavioral Sciences

Office Hours:

Semester: Fall 2019
Thursdays 9:30am-noon
or by appointment

Office Information:

Room Number: McKay 230
Phone: (978) 665-3485

Courses Taught:

Introduction to Criminal Justice
Introduction to Law Process
Ethics in Criminal Justice



Ph.D, Sociology and development, Utrecht University, The Netherlands
M.S., Historical Sociology at the State University of New York at Binghamton
B.A., Universidad Autónoma de Santo Domingo

Representative Publications:

A Very Well-Establish Culture: Cocaine Market Self-Regulation as Alternative Governance in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Desmond Arias and Thomas Grisaffi (Forthcoming)

The Dominican Republic Democracy, in Latin American Politics and Development. Westview Press, Perseus Books (ninth edition) 2017

Fuerzas Armadas Caribeñas: ¿Cambio, Adaptación o Reciclaje? Revista, Foreign Affairs Latinoamérica. Octubre/diciembre 2017, México: ITAM, 2017

El Estado Como Demiurgo de la Criminalidad, Nueva Sociedad, no. 263, 2016

The Emergence of Transgressive Ecosystems, Santo Domingo in the XXI Century, in Kees Kooninings and Dirk Kruijt eds., Violence and Resilience in Latin American Cities London: Zed Books, 2015

Statetropism and Gang Violence in the Dominican Republic, in Charles Katz and Anthony Harriott, eds.

Gangs in the Caribbean: Their Rise and Impact on the Patterns of Crime, State and Politics. West Indies University Press, 2015

Seeking Out the State: Organized Crime, Violence and Statetropism in the Caribbean, in Bruce Bagley and Jonathan D. Rosen eds.

Drug Trafficking, Organized Crime and Violence in the Americas: Key Trends in the 21st. Century. University Press of Florida, 2015

The Dawn of Post-Hegemonic Cooperation? Old Actors in Combating Transnational Narcotics, in Roberto Zepeda and Jonathan D. Rosen eds.,

Greater Caribbean: Cooperation and the War on Drugs: Trends in the 21st Century. Lexington Books, 2015

Urbanidades Violentadas: Orígenes y fundamentos de los ecosistemas transgresores en República Dominicana, in Ariel Ávila et. al, eds.

Violencia Urbana, Radiografía de una Región. Colombia: Aguilar, 2014

The Emergence of the Democratic Citizen Security Policy in the Dominican Republic in Policing & Society. England: Routledge, 2011

Violencia y Seguridad Democrática en República Dominicana. República Dominicana. FLACSO, 2011

Democratizing Violence: The Case of the Dominican Republic. Western Hemisphere Security Analysis Center. FIU, 2011

Organized Violence, Disorganized States, in Enrique Desmond Arias and Daniel Goldstein eds., Violent Pluralism, Duke University Press, 2010

Private Vices without Public Benefit: The Dominican State versus Organized Crime. Matthew B. Ridgway Center for International Studies. University of Pittsburgh, 2010

Professional Affiliations:

  • United Nations Mandate Holder for the Working Group on the Use  of Mercenaries as a Means of Violating Human Rights and Impeding the Exercise of the Rights of People to Self-Determination
  • Latin American Studies Association, LASA
  • Latin America Faculty of Social Sciences