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Faculty Directory » Katherine R. Jewell

Economics, History, and Political Science

Office Hours:

Semester: Fall 2020
Please email Dr. Jewell to schedule an appointment.

Office Information:

Room Number: Miller Hall 310
Phone: 978.665.3866
Email: kjewell1@fitchburgstate.edu

Courses Taught:


United States History II (HIST 1500)
Historical Methods (HIST 2000)
U.S. Economic History (HIST 2140)
The American Presidency (HIST 2180)
Honors Seminar in History (HIST 2225)
America in the Nuclear Age, 1945-1968 (HIST 3040)
America Since 1968 (HIST 3050)
Postwar America: 1945-Present (HIST 3120)
U.S. Interwar Period (HIST 3700)
Technology and American Society (HIST 4100)
Senior Seminar in History (HIST 4500)
America Meets the Modern: 1920-1045
Nazism and American Culture
Media and American Politics
Historical Methods

American Studies

American Studies (AMST 1800)
Introduction to American Studies: The 1980's (AMST 1900)


Ph.D., Boston University (History), 2010
M.A., Boston University (History), 2005
B.A., Vanderbilt University (History and Anthropology Honors), 2001

Research Interests:

U.S. Political and Cultural History: 20th century conservatism, southern politics, popular music, media and culture, identity and politics
U.S. Economic History: business history, economic development and policy, the Sunbelt

Representative Publications:


Jewell, K.R. (2017). Dollars for Dixie: Business and the Transformation of Conservatism in the Twentieth Century. New York: Cambridge University Press.


Jewell, K.R. (2017). "Worlds Collide: The Boston Marathon Bombing, Historical Thinking, and Empathy." The American Historian, 12.

Jewell, K.R. (2013). "Selling the Right: Republican Rhetoric and the Shaping of Party and Nation." American Studies Journal, 52(2), pp. 103-113. doi: 10.1353/ams.2013.0030


Jewell, K.R. (2011). "Gun Cotton: Southern Industry, International Trade, and the Rise of the Republican Party in the 1950's." In G. Feldman (Ed.), Painting Dixie Red: When, Where, Why, and How the South Became Republican (New Perspectives on the History of the South). University of Florida Press.

Book Reviews

Book reviews published in: The Journal of American History, Enterprise and Society, The Journal of Southern History, Journal of American Ethnic History, History (U.K.), Tennessee Historical Quarterly, and The Southern Historian.