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Faculty Directory » John Ludlam


Office Hours:

Semester: Spring 2019
Tuesday 1:00PM - 2:15PM
Thursday 9:30Am - 10:45AM

Office Information:

Room Number: Antonucci Science Complex 226
Phone: 978-665-3981

Courses Taught:

Invertebrate Biology
Marine Biology
Introduction to Environmental Science


Ph.D. Biology, University of Arkansas, 2004-2009.
B.S. Biology, Gordon College, 2000-2004.

Current Projects:

Changes to stream ecosystem processes downstream of dams in Massachusetts
Objective: Compare stream metabolism and the response to nutrient enrichment in dammed and control streams in central and western Massachusetts.

Representative Publications:

Ludlam, J. P., B. T. Banks, and D. D. Magoulick 2015. Density-dependent effects of omnivorous stream crayfish on benthic trophic dynamics. Freshwater Crayfish 21(1): 165 – 170.

King, P, and J. P. Ludlam 2014. Status of diamondback terrapins (Malaclemys terrapin) in North Inlet, Winyah Bay, SC. Chelonian Conservation and Biology 13(1): 119 – 124.

Ludlam, J. P., and D. D. Magoulick. 2010. Effects of consumer identity and disturbance on stream mesocosm structure and function. Fundamental and Applied Limnology 177:143 – 149.

Ludlam, J. P., and D. D. Magoulick 2010. Environmental conditions and biotic interactions influence ecosystem structure and function in a drying stream. Hydrobiologia 644:127 – 137.

Ludlam, J. P., and D. D. Magoulick. 2009. Spatial and temporal variation in the effects of fish and crayfish on benthic communities during stream drying. Journal of the North American Benthological Society 28(2): 371 – 382.

R. N. Buchsbaum, L. A. Deegan, J. H., R. H. Garritt, A. E. Giblin, J.P. Ludlam, and D. H. Shull. 2008 Effects of regular salt marsh haying on marsh plants, algae, invertebrates and birds at Plum Island Sound, Massachusetts. Wetlands Ecology and Management 17(5): 469 – 487.

Professional Affiliations:

Ecological Society of America