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Campus Alerts

Active Emergency Alerts

This page is the official web source for emergency alert information.

In case of emergencies, CALL UNIVERSITY POLICE at 978-665-3111 first, if you see or are involved in any dangerous or threatening situation.

08/17/2020 7:01PM:


What to do in an Emergency

Guidelines on how to respond in case of an emergency on or near the campus can be found here.

Fitchburg State Emergency Response Plans

School Cancellations

When severe weather or a campus-wide emergency occurs, it may be necessary to cancel classes and close offices.

In the event of a campus closure, the University will uses the (Rave) Fitchburg Alert System to notify students, faculty and staff via text, email and phone.  

Register to Receive Emergency Alerts and Class Cancelations

Fitchburg State Alert is setup to send notifications to your Fitchburg State University email by default. Mobile phones, land lines, and additional email addresses must be entered by the user. Login with your Fitchburg State Username and Password (Falcon Key) to begin.

University Visitors and Neighbors

Visitors and Neighbors to Fitchburg State should check this page for updates in the event of an emergency.