Yasser Derwiche Djazaerly

Humanities School of Arts and Sciences
Yasser Derwiche Djazaerly, PhD, Languages, Humanities
978.655.3004 Office: Conlon Fine Arts 250
Office Hours
Fall 2021

Monday, Wednesday and Friday 11:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m.

Courses Taught

French for Beginners (FREN 1000/1100)
Arabic for Beginners (ARAB 1026/1100)
German for Beginners (GER 1000/1100)


​Ph.D., Stanford University (German Studies & Interdisciplinary Studies in Humanities)
B.A., University of Wisconsin (French/German)

Eighteenth- and nineteenth-century French and German literatures
Francophone literature of the Maghreb and Lebanon
Contemporary Arab World


“Contesting Orientalism: Amin Maalouf’s Le Rocher de Tanios

“The Maghreb in the U.S. French Curriculum”


"The King Without Care: Frederick the Great, Louis XIV, and the Remaking of Ancien Régime Monarchy"