Deon Brock

Behavioral Sciences School of Arts and Sciences
Deon Brock, PhD, Criminal Justice, Behavioral Sciences

Courses Taught

Introduction to Criminal Justice (CJ 1000)
Criminal Justice Research Methods (CJ 2130)
Criminal Justice Data Analysis (CJ 3140)
Community Policing
Topics: Social Class & Crime
Criminology (SOC 2750)


Ph.D., Sam Houston State University
M.S., Central Missouri State University
B.S., Central Missouri State University

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Book Chapters

Brock, D.E. et al. (1998). “The Influence of Race on Prison Sentences for Murder in Twentieth Century Texas.” In M.L. Dantzker et al (Eds.), Practical Applications for Criminal Justice Statistics. Oxford, UK: Butterworth-Heinemann.

Professional Papers/Presentations

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