Portrait of Professor Danielle Wigmore

Danielle Wigmore

August 15, 2023
Winner of the 2023 Faculty Award for Service
Portrait of Professor Danielle Wigmore
Danielle Wigmore teaching in a classroom

Professor Danielle Wigmore of the Exercise and Sports Science Department sees a direct line from her service to the department and the community to her performance as a teacher.

Since joining Fitchburg State in 2006, Wigmore has engaged in a number of service roles, from being a member or chair of dozens of committees to working on initiatives related to student recruitment and retention. She has worked with other departments on the development of new academic programs, advocated for investments in personnel and facilities as department chair, and collaborated with other institutions to create articulation agreements that increased opportunities for students.

Wigmore said her approach to service involves embracing a holistic view of the university. “It means being involved in a lot of aspects of the campus, not just things that affect me and my students,” she said. 

However, many of the projects she has undertaken have resulted in positive learning outcomes for her students. For example, Wigmore was a leader in a multi-year research project in which students helped assess the health of local residents.

“(Danielle) has been a tireless contributor to our university and the community throughout her time at Fitchburg State,” said Professor Jason Talanian, chair of the Exercise and Sports Science Department, who described Wigmore’s impact on the campus as “vast and impactful.”

Talanian cited her thoughtful and student-focused approach to guiding departmental initiatives that have grown enrollment and increased student success. “Anyone that has worked with Danielle knows that she is a completely dedicated faculty member that has made a significant positive impact throughout her tenure,” he said. 

“Over the past 16 years, Dr. Wigmore’s service has demonstrated leadership and initiative, and has had a lasting impact on students, the EXSS department, campus, and local communities,” said her departmental colleague Monica Maldari.

Wigmore’s embrace of service includes her community of Chelmsford. She is active with All Saints Church, helping to organize a variety of activities around food insecurity including organizing food drives and serving meals at a local soup kitchen. In 2021, she became a team leader in the soup kitchen service, overseeing the planning of meals and organizing volunteers. In the early months of the COVID lockdown, she taught virtual cooking classes for the summer church school program.

Currently, Wigmore is the top lay leader at All Saints Church, where she works with the rector and a committee of elected representatives from the parish to set priorities and make financial decisions for the parish and facilitate growth of the church.

Wigmore recommends other faculty seek out opportunities to serve. “Get involved in things outside your department, and pick things that are important to you,” she said. “If you have a chance to get involved and meet other people, it creates so many opportunities. Find something where you can create your niche.”

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