Graduate, Continuing, and Evening Tuition and Fees

Students will be charged the tuition rate based on the course they are registered for.  Tuition and fees for GCE courses are payable at the time of registration except for our Online Accelerated Programs.  (Due dates for our Accelerated Online Programs are the Thursday prior to the start of the semester (students can start making payments as soon as they register and the balance must be paid in full by the bill due date):  Summer II-07/06/17; Fall "A"-08/31/17; Fall "B"- 10/26/17; Spring "A"-01/18/18; Spring "B"-03/15/18)

Online Accelerated Programs

Starting Summer II, the Online Accelerated MBA Program will be charged a flat rate of $417.00 per credit.  Starting Fall 2017, the Online Accelerated RN/BS in Nursing Program will be charged a flat rate of $311.00 per credit.  Coming soon, the Online Accelerated M.Ed. Programs in Educational Leadership Management, (Non-Licensure) and in Curriculum and Teaching  (Non-licensure) will be charged a flat rate of $372.00 per credit, and


Undergraduate and Graduate Course Costs

Fall 2017 / Summer 2018

  Per credit 3 credits 4 credits 6 credits











Accelerated Online Detailed Course Costs

Fall 2017 / Summer I 2018

Program Fee Component Tuition Component Total Per Credit Cost 3 Credit Cost







(Ed. Leadership; Curriculum and Teaching





RN/BS in Nursing





Accelerated Online schedule of classes and payment due dates.

Detailed Course Costs (Excludes Online Accelerated Programs)

Undergraduate / Graduate

Per credit 3 credits 6 credits
TUITION, IN-STATE & OUT-OF-STATE Undergraduate $133.00 $399.00 $798.00
Graduate $177.00 $531.00 $1,062.00
Supports the operational/infrastructure expenses for the University, (both administrative and physical) such as: staff; grounds; utilities; library; student services etc. (mandatory)
Undergraduate $142.50 $427.50 $855.00
Graduate $115.00 $345.00 $690.00
Supports capital improvement initiatives on campus (mandatory)
Undergraduate $25.50 $76.50 $153.00
Graduate $20.00 $60.00 $120.00
Supports technology advancements and the current technology infrastructure (mandatory)
  $7.00 $21.00 $42.00
TOTALS Undergraduate* $308.00 $924.00 $1,848.00
Graduate* $319.00 $957.00 $1,914.00
Please note some courses will be charged an additional lab or studio fee ranging from $25.00 to $75.00

* For online degree and certificate programs including the Master of Science in Forensic Nursing, graduate certificate in Forensic Nursing,  and M.Ed. programs in Special Education and Middle School, please add the online program fee of $58 per credit.

The schedule of fees, tuition, methods of payment and refund policies are those in effect at the time of publication and are subject to change without notice. Funds accrued for educational purposes are applied on a first funds received, first funds applied to bill basis.

Registration fee of $50 does not apply to the Accelerated Online Programs listed above. View the academic calendar for registration dates.

Visit Students Accounts to see complete payment and fee information