Game Design

Program Overview

The major in Game Design presents an opportunity for students to develop skills related to the planning and design of the interactive experience of gameplay. Students will explore game design and development, art and visual design, computer programming, 3D modeling & animation, level design, creative writing and game studies. Other program classes include: serious games, mobile platforms, history of games and aesthetics. This program of study will prepare students for careers in the game industry.

The Game Design major extends beyond the classroom to include professional and co-curricular opportunities in the form of internships, practicums and serious games partnerships with clients, such as with MassDIGI and game studios.

Career Opportunities

Students completing the program will be prepared for a broad array of careers within the game industry including game and level designers, producers, data managers, production assistants, interaction designers, game analysts, writers, game artists, programmers, game localization positions and quality assurance testers. Graduates have the opportunity to continue study on the graduate level in the M.S. in Applied Communication program.

Coursework at a Glance

  • COMM 1105 - Intro to Comm & Media Studies
  • GAME 2000 - Elements of Game Design
  • GAME 2200 - Introduction to Game Art
  • GAME 3000 - Game Design Workshop
  • GAME 3030 - Game Level Design
  • GAME 3060 - 3D Game Development
  • GAME 3500 - Advanced Game Workshop
  • GAME 4000 - Game Studies Seminar

Game Design Electives

  • GAME 3050 - Serious Games
  • GAME 3510 - Contemporary Issues in Games
  • COMM 3304 - Interactive Media Project Design
  • COMM 3305 - Interactive Multimedia I
  • COMM 3306 - Interactive Multimedia II
  • COMM 3308 - Interactive Media Seminar

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