Economics, History, and Political Science Department

Location: Miller Hall, first floor (room 101)
Office Hours: Monday - Friday 8:00-4:30
Chairperson: Dr. Eric Budd, 978-665-3732
Administrative Assistant: Karen Valeri, 978-665-3397
Admissions Office: 978-665-3144 or


The Economics, History, and Political Sciences Department offers students a choice of three academically distinct but interrelated majors—economics, history, and political science—and a range of associated minors. Students gain the academic background and research capabilities for both graduate study and immediate entry into a variety of career fields, including secondary school teaching. In addition, the department offers graduate degrees in the field of history.

Focused field training experiences and national-internationally focused extra-curricular initiatives enhance what is learned in the classroom and broaden students’ career options.

Two Year Rotation of Courses (Excel)

Four Year Plan of Study



Baker, Laura - Twentieth-Century American History
Boehme, Eric - American Government,Political Science
Budd, Eric - International Politics, Political Science
Christy, Rodney - American Government, Political Science
Dee, Christine - Nineteenth-Century American History
Elveren, Adem - Economics
Jewell, Katherine - Twentieth-Century American History
Lieberman, Benjamin - Modern European History and Germany
Marr, Christa - Economics
Ozay, Ozge - Economics
Paul, John - Asian and South-Asian History
Reeves, René - Latin American and World History
Sarefield, Daniel - Ancient and Medieval European History
Spero, Joshua - International Politics, Political Science
Thomas, Teresa Fava - Italian and World History
Wachtel, Joseph - American History
Weber, Reid - World History
Weizer, Paul - American Government, Political Science


Historic Miller Hall, once a women’s dormitory, is home to the Economics, History, and Political Sciences Department. Renovations of Miller Hall were completed in 2012.

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