Academic Departments

Fitchburg State University has 15 academic departments. Each department is the home for one or more academic programs at the undergraduate or graduate level. Academic departments are assembled into divisions under four academic deans. Each dean is the chief academic and administrative officer for their division.

Academic Programs

Fitchburg State University offers 28 undergraduate majors, over 50 concentrations within the majors, and more than 45 minors. Each undergraduate program of study requires a minimum of 120 credits for graduation. Graduate programs include over 22 master's degrees and certificates of advanced graduate studies. Each graduate program requires 30-39 credits to complete the degree.

Research and Creative Practices

Faculty at Fitchburg State are actively involved in research and creative practice. The faculty profiles highlight their most recent publications and presentations. There is an annual exhibition of faculty artistic work.

Undergraduate Research Opportunities

Each academic program offers a number of opportunities for undergraduates to be involved in research. Students can present their research or creative activity projects at the annual Undergraduate Conference on Research and Creative Practice each April. LINK to Undergraduate Research Conference Page