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Office of Assessment

The Director of Assessment works with academic and administrative departments to help develop and implement collection, analysis, and internal and external reporting of data related to each department's unique student learning and/or student service objectives.


Tk20 is an online assessment management system that collects student work for assessment purposes, including as part of online portfolios, to assess student work and student performance, and to survey students on various aspects of their academic experiences.

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Assessment Tools

We use a range of tools to provide direct and indirect measures of student learning.

Direct measures of student learning include assessment of student work using the Fitchburg State Liberal Arts and Sciences (LA&S) and American Association of Colleges and Universities (AAC&U) rubrics.

LA&S and AAC&U Rubrics

Indirect measures of student learning are collected through surveys including the graduating student survey and the National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE).

NSSE 2015 Snapshot
NSSE Comparison Institutions

Academic programs submit annual assessment reports detailing the results of indirect and direct assessment, program changes in response to these results, and plans for future assessment. The Director of Assessment works with individual academic programs and the Academic Deans to facilitate the development, refinement, and use of rubrics, surveys, and assessment reports.

Annual Assessment Report Template (MS Word)

Assessment Documents

As part of both annual assessment reporting, and 5 year program reviews, each academic program identifies their student learning outcomes or accreditation standards they use for review.

Program Review Guidelines

Assessment maintains records of all program student learning outcomes and accreditation standards that apply to programs at the institution, and you can view both on our documents page.


Merri Incitti
Director of Assessment