Campus Police

Welcome to the Fitchburg State University
Police Department

Mission Statement

This Department exists as a service-orientated, professional police agency which provides for the safety and well-being of our university community.
Our most important priorities are protecting individuals from harm, either physical or emotional providing assistance to people, and protecting property. The responsibilities of our officers go far beyond that of a traditional police officer whose principle role is to enforce laws and arrest individuals for prosecution.

While traditional law enforcement tends to be more reactive, our ultimate objective is to provide for the individual growth and education of our students. We are a proactive department with the major goal of our daily activity being the prevention of incidents and unlawful behavior.
We accomplish this mission by promoting the philosophy that the community exists to provided quality education to our students. Our objectives are accomplished by providing a variety of services and educational programs to the University community. Officers of this Department participate directly with students in their educational process by providing assistance and information to support their academic requirements.